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About MOE
Welcome to Mountain Optical Eyeworks, formerly Mountain Vista Optical – the ultimate destination where unparalleled vision meets style. With precision optics and a broad range of designer vintage frames and new smartwear technology, we ensure that your view of the world is crystal clear and fashion-forward. Whether you're climbing peaks of our beautiful mountains or navigating your way through traffic, our eyewear and lens quality empowers your journey. Visit us for a personalized experience as we tailor your vision needs with expertise and care. Come see the difference at Mountain Optical Eyeworks.


Have you ever bought a fully rimless frame and thought a different style of lenses would be nice. We specialize in custom lens changes on existing drill mount rimless frames and also carry a large inventory of vintage drill mount rimless frames that can too have a design change.


Have you ever ordered a pair of glasses online and not sure if the prescription is correct in them?. Did you happen to order maybe the wrong size and not sure where to go to get them fitted correctly?. At Mountain Optical Eyeworks we offer a online order service that allows you to come in for a fee to have your online order checked, no matter where they were ordered, to make sure the prescription is correct. We will also adjust and make sure that the glasses are properly fitting to your face. A reminder: online eyewear websites only allow a small window of time for you to have the glasses checked to make sure the prescription is correct, so come in and allow our office to double check their work and make sure you are wearing the correct prescription.


Our office not only offers a place of unique and exotic designs, we also offer repair services that's not always common to find in town or in the Inland Empire at all. We ask for you to come in and let us take a look and most times the repair can be fixed in office and if not we offer a location that might be able to fix the frame.


It is recommended to have your glasses adjusted about every 3 months. Do not wait until they fall off your face please. Large adjustments can cause a frame to break during the adjustment process. By coming in and having them adjusted every 3 months means we keep the integrity of the frames intact. I offer adjustments on any frame that walks through my door for a small fee no matter if you purchased them through my office or someone else office. I look forward to making sure all your eyewear is properly set on your face.

Augie Perez

Owner/Licensed Optician

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Are you summer ready? Listen, talk, ChatGPT, fully rx-able, blue filter, or polarized non prescription lenses also available. Come get summer ready and bring technology with you.

  • Date: 5/14/2024 02:43 PM - 6/15/2024 05:00 PM
  • Location: 219 East State Street, Redlands, CA, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Locations entrance is behind the building. If you know where Burgertown USA is on 7th and Redlands Blvd you will see the business banners on the wall and address on black gate in gold color

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  • 219 East State Street, Redlands, CA, USA

Mountain Optical Eyeworks 219 E State Street address is located behind 217/221 E State Street's building. We are in the alley way in the same parking lot as Burger Town. We are easy to find on Redlands blvd and 7th street. Thank you for taking the time to locate us.